Shower Notes

Shower Notes , how it works.

Don’t let good ideas go down the drain! Shower Notes ™ the waterproof notepad features 40 sheets of waterproof paper. The same paper trusted by scuba divers for underseas research. Works in the shower, hot tub, or even on your next fishing trip!

Mount the included water-resistant Cedar wood pencil so you never miss that next spark of genius!







The Neuroscience of Ideation

The theory behind shower thoughts is called the default mode network. The common links between these activities is that they are mildly physical or mentally stimulating. They also must be familiar and comfortable enough to stay engaged. That’s why the shower is a perfect place to have an uninterrupted thought. Now all you need is Shower Notes to record them.

“Once you have a pen and paper there, it’s not really your mind wandering” said John Kounios, a psychologist at Drexel University in Philadelphia. ―WIRED

Other default mode stimulating activities include:

Practice Pattern Recognition


Play Chess


Pick Up a Musical Instrument

Do Nothing at All




We know you have a lot of questions, so we took the time to answer a few of the best ones. If we are forgetting something, contact us anytime.

The cedar wood pencil has a regular graphite tip.

Each water-proof pad comes with a suction cup mount and a water-resistant cedar wood pencil so you never miss that next spark of genius!


Yes. The suction cups and pencil holder is included.

The water-proof paper works great in a sauna!

No way, the pages are specially treated making them water-proof. If they stick together, just pull them apart!

Shower Notes™ work great poolside!

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